Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ohai September. The Nineth Month, When You're Actually Seven.

So yes. Here we are. September. It's funny, Sabaton's 40:1 song fits with my school.

"The 8th of September it starts..."

Gosh, I hate school. It's causing me to hate my mom too. :( I have sooo much shit to do, it's not funny. The only thing remotely cool is that thanks to my friend SpellCheck, and her violin ramblings, I'm back to the Piano! AND THIS TIME, I SHALT BECOME A MASTER OF IT.
Also, Steve Demme's Math-U-See course, Algebra 1 is what I'm's nice to work with, I'll admit.

Biology is lame and fail. I want my Chemistry plz. Q_Q
And History is lame too. I wanted to learn more world history, and then focus on Asian history. BUT NO. WE JUST HAVE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT U.S. HISTORY. ~__~ AND I have no Henty books. That was my one source of pure and complete joy, last year.

Gurg, growing up sucks.

Tracking back to Piano for a bit. I want to become as good as my mom, because, she is very good at it. And then I wanna become like Kim Junsung and Yunus. If you don't know who they are, PLEASE LOOK THEM UP. <_<

I'm very flipfloppy about my future as of now, in every single way. It's so...bothersome.

Moving on, even though for some retarded reason we haven't completely finished The Exiled, (or Esantri as Captain Stratus has dubbed them ;P), we've started another RP, this time run by SpellCheck. 8D Basically, once again, our RP is ahead of the Sword version. >.>



Lololololol. Yeah. Tis called End of Days. Theres lots of sadism, swearing, and space talk. 8D A wonderful combination, wouldn't you say~?

And Caliburn is steadily chugging along. We've been doing Diablo like crazy. I need to participate in it more, cause I gotta chip my daggers, and my new Conqueror Shotgun. Which I snatched off the market for 32m. -wins-

And back to Bands. I lurve Nightwish so much. Even though I miss Tarja...Anette can sing, so that's good. n___n~ Kamelot, of which I had one song, I have sort of rediscovered. Now I have...two more. Lol. Sabaton is still awesome, AND I am going to TSO's concert again.
-ish a happy girl-

Three songs, For The Heart I Once Had, Eva, and The Human Stain by Nightwish and Kamelot, respectively...reflect things for me. The first two...I sort of idenitify with. And then, 'Stain is pretty...deep. D: And awesome. Their all awesome. Gosh. So much awesome musi-


Anyway. They are epic. Unstoppable and ARISE are some singles of theirs which I recently found (I never keep up on things I like, lol), and I love them so.

Going back to EoD, my character is me. Different name, slightly different looks, older and such, but she's the closest yet to being me. xD I came up with the name Geneva Crux a million years ago, but then someone else used the last name of Crux (I'm looking at you, Balb.), and so I had to go with something else. I came up with Amsterdam.

Geneva Amsterdam.

Flows nicely, doesn't it? :3 Only a few days after I came up with it did I realize it's also the name of two cities. Lawl. I dun care, I think those places are awesome, so her name just has more underlying awesome.

Anywho, I'll wrap this up now. Buhbyes~

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