Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Still Live

Hey guys, sorry I've been so silent. ~___~

So lemme give you a skimming of the last few weeks:

I went to Oshkosh for the world famous EAA Airventure. :D It was awesome! I saw the Airbus A380! AND WENT ON IT TOO! Ask for pictures if ya want em. xD We also saw the WhiteKnightTwo and VMS Eve, part of Virgin Galact1c. But, the price I paid for all the awesomeness was some bad sunburn. During that whole ordeal, my mother was of absolutely no help, lawl. I saw the Honda Jet too! Annnnd the Red Bull stunt Helicopter. It was pretty awesome.

Next...let's see...hmm. Well I've been busy with my RP, The Exiled. It's getting really epic. xD
We're having so much fun, and all growing as writers. It's really wonderful. You can easily find it on the forums.

I went to see District 9 last Friday, and boy was it worth it! I loved it! CGI was perfect, sound effects and concepts were grand...good job, Peter Jackson. :D

On some other great notes: I've learned more about Blazblue, and it has a pretty cool story. Songs are EPIC. But, I probably won't get it since I suck at anything I touch.
I've also downloaded Limewire...it's helped me get some songs, like Carlton's work. I've also grabbed up some mainstream Green Day, Linkin Park and Coldplay songs.

But what do you know, thanks to dear old mom, I'm winding into depression...about school. Q_Q
Like, yesterday she got some SAT/ACT PowerPrep thing...cause she wants me to take a PRACTICE SAT in October. ~__~ But like this program is for the real SAT...so will anything I do in it even apply/help me? I'm likely to think not. Ugh..not even the 20th of August, and I'm already sad about school. My mom broke a new record....-sigh-

I really hate how my future's looking, right now.

I've just got to remember the things my heros have said...In the words of What I've Done, I'll start again. Thanks, Linkin Park, you just cheered me up. XD

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  1. BLAZBLUE. NAO. I've been neglecting a lot of things this week because I've been playing it all day. ._. But yeah, it's pretty hard to get into, since learning people's combos takes a lot of time and practice. But at least everyone's a different and unique fighter with no clones. AND YES THE MUSIC IS AWESOME. God, I sound like such a fantard. I'm a fan of anything Guilty Gear/Daisuke Ishiwatari, lol.

    I wouldn't rely on Limewire. It's almost as infamous as Napster and is known to have tons of spyware and the occasional virus.

    Well, all I can say is good luck with the SATs. I know I didn't have fun prepping for that either. >_<