Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Report!

Lawl. I wonder if I'll keep the tradition of "one post per month". xD

So hallo.

Recently, I've started watching Hellsing. And I must say, I love Alucard. :P But mind you, I'm not a stupid, crazed fangirl. >_>;;

My RPing is going nice, and I got two new veterans - Mika and Idge. 8D

I've started doing more things on dA as of late. Kind of nice there.

Hmm. I love TSO's new album Night Castle. It's EPIC WIN. And that's the truth.

And I think I'm going to attempt to write an essay on Ulyssess S. Grant. That's my own November Project. ;)

/short updates...blaaaah

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  1. Hey, if ya want i can give ya my SOTNW account,
    i dont play it anymore, just give me an e-mail :/

    (purple Irawain is purple!)