Wednesday, December 12, 2012


My mom is making cookies as I write.

We put up the tree a few days ago.


Climate change, I hateth thee with a fiery passion. If we get two winters in a row with no snow I am gonna have to smack a bitch.

Anyway, yes, holiday season. Have a good one, readers, internet ghosts, and all!

GE wise, the alphabet event is tapering off, although boxes are still apparently dropping, if very slowly for me. I've only gotten the Punisher manual and the Black Dragon pet from the token shop...still trying to make up my mind between Jaspard's Rifling Revolver, two Iceberg Bangles, and Asoka and ICP.  D:

Wish I would have known about it from the start. Oh, well.

Currently, the weapon count for me is:

Angel Camael's Crossbow x2(traded one for Angel Ramiel's Rapier)
Angel Raziel's Revolver x1(enchanted with human)
Angel Uriel's Bracelet(bought it off the market)

Dragon's Magica Staff x3(jeebus)
Dragon's Fury Shotgun x1 I did buy one with atk, but later another dropped which I traded forrr a Dragon's Fury Rifle.
Dragon's Fury Pistol x1 (sitting unused in storage atm)
Dragon's Eye Bracelet (also sitting unused)
Dragon's Scales Sabre x2 (chipped with atk for Adelinaaa)

I have to say, I wish the other angel/dragon weapons would drop. :( I kind of want to expert my Vincent, but there's no lute for him. I'm stuck with having to make an Elite Trump.

Started off farming in El Ruina, and then Skele AA, with a few tries at Torsche FA. Finally wound up going to Fire Isle because wewt, chips. But...effing botters. They aggravate me to no end. And some of them, honestly, look like legit players just botting. You know, a non-jibberish name and unusual character combos and in a clan.

I hope they are purged with the fires of the transfer.

I also need to work on my sword christmas carol. Eeep.

Okay, that's all folks.


  1. wow putting tree up so early. Won't it die before xmas or is it fake? o_O

    1. Lmao, people will put up trees WAAAAY before us. And its artificial. We've been using it for a couple years.

      Used to get real ones when I was younger and they usually lasted 20 days or so.