Saturday, July 23, 2011

Captain America & Catherine Torsche

Those two are awesome. Did you know that? No? Well now you do.

So yesterday I went to see the Cap in action, with my parents. Enjoyable film, fun graphic design at the first part of the credits. :) Hugo Weavinggggg you continue to play so many roles gaaaahhh. Tommy Lee Jones is a certified badass. 8D And Howard Stark was great lol.

Todayyyy I got Catherine Torsche at last! I was talking tactics with my friend Nino, and as he's come from many an RTS game, he thinks quite interestingly. The setup-

Master Fighter - Peltast
+7 Atk/Human Serpent Javelin, 2 DR 92e shield.
+6 2 DR EMS.

Master Musketeer - Outrage
+6 Elite Iron Pistol 38/17/ele damage, socketed for more speed, +5 Elite Iron Pistol 30/1 AR/Darkness/Fear.
+6 3 DR EDC.

Veteran Catherine of Strength - High Guard
+6 19 DEF LN, 1 DR Pio Shield.

AM Boost, Event Triumph Fillers, Sys Pet (cat that buffs lv11 Forte/Insistiendo/Divine Blessing and heals for 1k HP) Enhanced Antidote, Magic Resistance Potion (gives lv5 AMS), Intensified Health Regen potions (5k hp regen for 15 seconds). And of course Light Flow and Concentration.

So, with the above stuff, my strategy wasss this. I quickly left the blade room, then headed left to the first stairwell. There I picked off mobs while Zink finished buffing me. Then I left Amaranth to hang near the stairs while Sullivan and Tech mowed down mobs. Piercing Bound + Dancing Revolvers is a very nice combo, especially if they're timed a few seconds apart. The first skill hits, thus giving the second skill a safe window to go off.

The mods on my pistols came in handy, I was often fear-locking or stun-locking things. Outrage SHREDS through their HP, and I didn't even have what you'd call 'Epic' pistols. Stunlock came from Piercing Bound.

Watch out for Wight and Pylig...Py...the fourlegged ambling thing of robots stuck together who's name starts with a out for their skills. They can take off a nice chunk of HP if you don't have epic armor, and have knockback.

It took awhile of just being careful and patient. I didn't need to mob too many things but my kill rate was still decent. I got Catherine to spawn at around 25 minutes on the clock. It then took me nine minutes to mow her down, finishing at 14:19. Of course, fighting her wasn't without setbacks.

She killed Tech (he died like three times total.....YOU AND YOUR SQUISHINESS. D8<), and I had to nearly SPAM my enhanced antidotes, yikes.

Nino's a genius and my own gear was good enough. Yaay.

So overall....I am very happy. Poor Torsche was so emo, he needed a hug there. Luckily I had the epic holy water and he refined it and then she remembered him~ I love the fact her poses fit her skeleton and everything. :>

Montoro called me a fucking rookie. In terms of pioneering and stuff, no, I'm a pro. Perhaps in terms of doing dastardly things, I am. I've yet to decimate a whole area or become immortal and wear nasty armor...lulz.

Surprisingly, he's kinda grown on me. I used to hate him with such a passion. But now that he wears an epic suit and keeps doing entirely douchebaggy things...I like him. LOL. He's a cool villain.

So, Cadenza is now on her way to Veteran. Grace and Viki are the best powerlevelerrrrs. <3

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