Monday, July 11, 2011

A Very Strange & Almost Amusing Event

So...I was chilling in Auch, blathering to a few people...occassionally broading, trying to sell some wigs.

And then boom, this guy happens. *warning, F-bomb ahead*

...I was feeling shitty, but they cheered me up by how random and weird that was. I've never seen this name before in my whole Granado career, they insta-logged out after spamming....or I'm slow with a mouse? what? no. :l and I KNOW people can vouch for me that I'm not much of a big player in the server politics/drama. So...


And if they think they've succeeded because I'm paying attention to them, well, uh. Okay. No, don't think so. I've given you attention by reporting your arse.

I just wish they'd come clean, get off their alt, tell me why they hate me, so we can be clear on something.

I mean...I'm actually amused to the concept of having a nemesis. Has a certain...flare to it.

So, I'm going to go off loling. Also, you entirely failed to make me butthurt, Alizee~~. Good job cheering me up though. *thumbs up*

* I'm actually making a post about this stuff. Never thought I would, rofl.*


  1. Maybe it's nothing personal? It could be just a random troll thinking it's fun to spam random people around him. There are lots of idiots like that when they have Internet anonymity.

  2. Gash. *points at the above comment* my thoughts exactly.

  3. Yes, indeed it could be a random troll. I had thought of that. xD