Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Early July Update

Welp, a decent bit has happened since my June post! Don't you love my interesting, original titles.

Granado news, first, of course!

On Saturday, a very wonderful friend let me join his vesping excursion. Let me just say; VESPING IS MADNESS! Hoooollllyyyy crap. Epic stuff. Thanks to that, Tech and Kharis rocketed up to Master! <3 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/14600792/Granadoscreens/capture_02058.jpg Some nice congrats from old friends and stuff. xD

Cagalli is set to be my next Master, she's currently at Expert 9, 91%. After that...I'll seriously need to expert someone. Or I'll just have toplevels and lowbies. @_@ oh god.

Thinking Mika, to try out Rapiere in its original glory. But first, I need to either: manage to chip my Elegant Rose, or buy one or two decent rapiers. Herpderp.

Then...Helena and Reque will probably get promoted...soon™. xD

I'm also slowly working towards the Tempest of Aquarius. I've got symbols and every now and then I buy some runes. I need to try and upgrade one of those Desert Storms I have in storage...
Curse you, crystals! *shakes fist*

Hurhur, at this rate I'll actually have the bayonet done by Tech's birthday, which is in December. >____>

*due to the RP, and such, I decided on one for him. yeah...*

Went to Circus yesterday with Kimiaru. That was a lot of fun. Peltast is awesome, I'm actually pro there. Years after it came out of course. Also Val's quest depressed me massively. I tried it since I had mastered Kharis and...first try: couldn't fully buff before getting murdered
second try: got off Principal, Strategy and Organization, ran around, got slaughtered.

Q____Q WRYYYYY. I dislike IMC catering to the endgame players. Sigh. I...dunno about trying Cath's quest again. I got some tips from Eoll but...I don't have clannies/armor her level really lol.


Zander and Kharis love me, yes. But everyone else is like QQ.

Anyway we'll see about trying this weekend. Maybe borrowing Mart's delicious human dagger again and..yeahidunno. Enough silly ranting and QQ! Moving on.

To some nongranadostuff.

I hope everyone had a Happy Freedom Day/Blow Shit Up Day/Explosion Day/Independence Day. Lul.

As of late, whenever I get the slightest urge/idea to draw or write, I've went and submitted to it.
And awesomeness is the result. x3 Hooray. Finally learning to do that and listen to my muse better. Usually with poems and stuff I'm good, but other things, not quite.

And I uh. Finally used a coupon for a dollar off of two bags of Ghirardelli squares. I got a caramel and assorted bag, figuring I'd give my dad the dark chocolate ones. But guess what? There were only two. fucking. squares. I was mad. Should've just got a mint bag instead. /Pfft

Oh and that brings me to my other point: lately I've kinda got back to RO. Not playing, but looking at/for arts, cosplay, reading some fanfiction(GOOD fanfiction I might add). It's pretty fun. <3 Gah, I love that game, I'm quite happy it was my first and I made so many good memories with it.

I guess that wraps things up for now!

Crafter out~


  1. man i'm such a nub, broading twice on that screenie haha.

    On another note, glad to still see you writing stuff Al al, my July 4th, eh.. ok firework was banned bc the weather too dry and we had like 4 forest fire the last month. Then I bc i'm too yong for booze, i stay around and play GE, then by 3pm some early drunk back up onto electric pole and knock out my DSL line, and eh i lost internet for like 12hrs....I rewatch newyork firework spectacular for like 3 times...