Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Sporatic Update!

Soo...I was readin' some other blogs and felt inspired. e.e

Granado, Granado, Granado. What am I gonna do with you? Even though you throw so many horrible things my way, I just can't leave you.


Anyway. Cagalli has now joined the true high-rankers of the family! She's my newest Expert, and first UPC to be experted~ She's leveling Shadow Sting with Tech and Kharis, while they grind to Master. The stance is 21 now, and I really love it! Animations, effects, and damage...everything! <3

I recently inherited some amazing gear, so now Kharis is quite outfitted in the armor department! Funny how my mages are the most well-geared...I got a +6 White Dagger, so prettiful +_+ Which Frequency(who thanks to an RP I like to refer to as Reque now) has been using to rend things in fifty pieces. :D And, a good shield, a 2DR Elite Aquila!

I've come to meet some amazing new friends, too! Them being Bellza and Ferragamo. How did I meet them? Caebolan. Secret. Citadel.

No kidding, we were in a squad. xD

Today specifically, I made some nice progress~ I finally did my first mission in Castilla, in the Mines, with Gambantein. We got to the Phob Chief, but the Imps bugged out and later swarmed us, instead of being there to begin with. :C But I completed part 1 of Episode 1, so...I'm happy! For now...

Vespanola may be a very evil country, but they know how to make fantastic uniforms! *was admiring Adriana's outfit* When, G1, when will we have those....orz

I also moved along in the quest for Rio's Prelude....but he's not expert, I have no intention of making him such, and so..yeah. But I talked to Ortega before he left. I lol'd at AngryRio and AngryLorch. Fritz was awesome, as usual, and...Ortega, I suppose if you're a billionaire taco maker and alchemist/shotgun could sponsor Rio. o3o Also I realized Ortega has a beard. He is now more win to me.


So much delicious information in that talk! Gee! Vespanola's power is quickly crumbling, and Hernandez, Montoro and Stratavista are causing all kinds of havoc behind the scenes! I really must continue with these quests for the new ladies, Castilla, and others. The storyline is heating up, and I want more!

Meanwhile, the last...week, or so? I've been doing some good old partial script-RPing with Gambantein. Ahah, its been fun, and so addictive! I haven't done it in years. His Valleria, named Alouette, is positively wonderful. Makes me proud that I've used her as my blogger-pic for years, heheh. :D

Outside Granado, I did a self-portrait. I haven't done one in a decade, I'm sure. Hah. It was pretty fun to do.

I really hope they release some fantastic costumes this week in maintenance. Reallyreallyreally.
Preferably some musketeer, or more Serpent costumes...or Ed's Colonel, or Karj's! Ahhhhhhhh. So many costumes, and so little of them delivered. :'(

Anyway, I think that wraps it up. I should get to bed...

Crafter out!

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