Saturday, July 16, 2011

And Moar Updates

...I need to fucking clean my keyboard.

and do algebra.

and look around for college related shit.

but I'm not cause I'm here with a blog post. I am a lazy fucker, I fully admit it. Granado goes okay lately. I decided to card Cagalli the last level to Master, and card Hel to expert. OCCULTISM I HATE YOU. I hate myself too that I decide to do this AFTER the event.

Uhh. So yeah...thinking about experting Ed next. Or Karj. Okay I still don't know. blergh. This post is loosing steam much quicker then usual.

I need to try Cath's or Val's quest sometime...siiighghg. Emi's is on hold cause I'm lazy to master Gordon(my Gert) atm.

Revelations is incoming, I am excite. Not as excite as I am for Assassin's Creed Revelations but. And I'm debating if I want to go see Captain America. I mean, I know I will eventually see it and enjoy it, but do I theater when it comes out, a week later, or wait for it to come out/go sailing. HMM. But I'm not into the movie sailing game really so eh.

Sorry for the rambliness, just how my mind's working today. Guess I'll head back tooo Topolo now to level Occultism and Lei and Gordon.

I think that wraps it up. merp.


  1. How can one level Occultism in ... TOPOLO? |:o is that zone really good for.. exparts.? Never understood. never gonan try *screws eles*

  2. I dunno. Capt America doesn't interest me much. I saw the trailer, but it seems mediocre. I wonder if they will mention Weapon Plus program in the movie.

    If you have undead bracelets, you are better off leveling Occultism in Skelly AA.

  3. @Ash I have a behemoth and skullic which are undead, but no LOEs. xD

    @Rit well, I know a friend who leveled expert stances there. Its the spawn rate. Stance exp is determined by number of kills, not necessarily the level of the monster killed.