Monday, January 24, 2011

Aaaand Three-ish Months Later...



I wandered over to Ritnberns' blog and felt inspired.

So, let's seeee where I left off. The PSAT went well, I got my scores in December, they panned out as expected. That is, good in writing/critical analysis and not that good in math. Ah well.

I'll probably be doing the SAT in a few months, oh god. ~___~

Anyway, the months have been their usual ups and downs. December was generally full of win, except for the beginning, because I got sick following Thanksgiving, and that stuck around into the new month. >:C

I saw True Grit and Tron Legacy, hellyeah Jeff Bridgeeess. And Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund. xD Christmas was nice. I got two pairs of PJs, both of which are fabulous, and some new books.

Some might be like ohmygodhowlaaaaame but eh, I wanted the books and needed the PJs, so I am content.

I'm still pretty much on hiatus from GE, at this point. Vindictus just feels more absorbing. I still read the G1 forums every day, though, so I'm not out of ze loop. And Ash's blog. Heh.

I made some resolutions for the new year:
Draw moar
Write moar
Exercise moar (and generally be healthy moar)

So far I've kept with teh first two pretty damn good. The third is a work in progress...orz

I'm thinking about trying to redesign the blog's layout. Hm. We'll see if I learn anything of webdesign in the coming weeks. Hah.

Farewell, Internet-Ghosts who read my blog. Until the next post.


  1. *s amazed by the new post and the itsy bitsy new colors of the blog* WHOO WHOO 8D

    I'll help you stay fit. *brings a carriage* giddyup /shot

  2. Blog update! *shock* Vindictus pictures pls. I read that they IP-ban ppl outside of US/Canada?

  3. LOL ilu Rit <3

    @Ash, I shall give you pics then! Yes, unfortunately they do. :( Bummer since I have a friend in the DR who can't join in.