Saturday, October 9, 2010

Holy Blog Updates Batman!

I love that cheesy slogan of Robin's.

Greetings, yet again. It is time for an update! Because I am bored as fuck, at the moment.

Balance: This coming Wednesday (I prefer to say Woden's Day, honestly) the 13th, I have my PSAT. Should be fine. I'm not stressed at all. o_o But I still hate taking tests. But also on that day, Vindictus should return for Open Beta. THE UNIVERSE HAS BALANCED WIN WITH FAIL. GASP.

Granado: I've been making good progress. Family level is 29, and I'm chugging towards 30, at last, at last! Currently, I'm leveling Deirdre (BSI), Amaranth (STR Cath) and Lei-May (Soso) in Topolo. My quest to max all of Amaranth's stances is going well, I have maxed all of her melee stances and now I'm working on the gun ones.

As I do that, I've been starting TAs, collecting loot like a hoarding fiend, and trading around like crazy in an attempt to make vis. It's not been in vain, and I have garnered enough to craft my White Bishop now. I'm just collecting more so I have some cash to fall back on afterwords.

I recently finally got my hands on more Jewel Powder, and crafted my Rosario. It stands with 5 Lightning Res, 5 Fire Res, and 12 SP. It's acceptable enough until I decide I need to chip it for DR/moar SP. And besides, I still don't have a Scorpio. :v

Soon, I will be getting back to leveling my Experts. My aim is to get the original three - Marceil, Zander and Sullivan - to Master in a reasonable amount of time. It shouldn't be too tough, I've got plenty of passes and manuals from promotions as of late. But before that, I'm going to try to finish leveling Flintlock and Darkness. Once those are done, I'll go level the team and collect cards, both for their own exp gain and Kharis.

All in all, it will be good to get back to the powerhouses of the family.

In other respects, OMFG I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THE 6.0 TRAILER. The sonnnnggggssss. The mysterious redheadddd. The teaser thing at the end. And it has solidified my liking of Raven. He's a certified grade-A Badass. I love the concept art shown for the Devil Armor and Weapons. Simply love. However, I despise the Scouts'. I hope the ingame render is a bit more appealing.

Other Stuff: My brain works in funny ways, sometimes. With writing and RPs as of late, I've been tasked with making two new characters, each for a different RP. The first one, I had a truckload of trouble figuring things out, but finally did. My newest, I came up with everything for him in two days.

I find him utterly adorable, and I don't really know why. I've never fangirled over one of my characters like this...>_>

My computer, Oscar, may not live much longer. I will honestly be surprised if it chugs on nobly for 4-6 months more, let alone a year. I've had issues with the power supply, which in turn has (we presume) effected the VPU. :/ So, I've been saving up money to buy parts to build a new computer, as Oscar is too old for a simpler upgrading.

I part with a very epic picture of a titanium crystal.

So, there we go. Now it's time for me to go back to being bored.

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