Thursday, January 21, 2010


Been sorta busy these last few weeks.

Science, for one, I had to do all of last week so I could do an exam. @__@ At least I got 89% on it.
Now I have to catch up in math. *facedesk*

Granado-wise, I've finally decided on who I want to expert next: Marceil, Zander and Grace. \o/
I've already got a symbol of Aquarius in prep for Flint, so that's one problem outa the way. I need to get me a Capricorn and Aries, though. Do want Power of Darkness and Enhanced Tactics.

HOWEVER. My internet connection lately seems to be determined not to let me level. x_x
And my brother doesn't even have a clue what it is anymore. It's not downloading massive files. It doesn't seem to be the ISP. *facedeskx2*

I just hope I'm over it and it won't be crappy today. orz

In other news: I decided to ask my clan leader Iseijin to draw something for me.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. 8DD Gahh, if only the ivory school looked like that in-game. *.*~

And his smirk is so badass.


And sexy.


xD Rofl. Anyway, just an update...I can't think of much else. o_o Cept that I'm looking forward to some Fringe tonight.

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