Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello Blogspot, It's Been Awhile

A fair while.

Mostly stuck to tumblr for my ramblings and stuff. Figured I might as well post here again. May was an interesting month in that I panicked a lot about the future. :D That and I read a bunch of Amber, I'm slowly tiptoeing through the last book.

June ushers in a new era for me, Skreta, and the Almontri family.




awwwyeeeaaa. With buckets of help from my brother, for selecting some good hardware, and then him helping me put it together yesterday, its been a bit crazy and stressful of an ordeal. But it will pay off, I can feel it.

Epsilon is by no means an amazing computer, but it is to me. I would say its a pretty good computer, in comparison to what the latest available things are. For instance, the CPU is a mere dual core. I've used an old one for so long, and the bones of it were even older. Oscar was a composite of random pieces patched in over the years to cover for failures, and something of a study in old tech, and a reminder in how fast the computer industry changes.

It was amazing to see a modern BIOS menu, I'll tell you that. Eventually I'll upload some pictures I took of the various boxes, the putting-together, and the final result. But for now, I still have some issues to sort out-installing, remembering some old passwords, things like that.

Despite all my angst, worries and annoyances I had against Oscar, it was a nice, loyal machine in the end. I'll always remember it, the first computer I had. The computer I grew up with.

Epsilon will be the second computer I have, one that is truly mine. One that will fare with me through the strange territory known as adulthood.

Vindictus is installed. Pangya is patching. Sword is the last thing I will download, seeing as its nightmarishly long.

Alright, my few blog followers, Internet ghosts and wanderers, that's all for this post.

And for the record--yes, I did just get all sentimental and make allusions of life to two computers. Because I can. Because I'm a writer. Because they have fueled my greatness, however small it is.

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