Monday, August 13, 2012

hallo hello hillo

Greetings, internet ghost, few followers and passer-bys.

I have really disconnected from Sword. Haven't gotten on in over a month. It barely registers in my mind these days, though I still lurk the forums. Perhaps when the Mythical Update(ala Morrighan or Jesus returning) arrives, I will play again.
Yeah, I could grind, collect items. I've ground a bunch. I've collected some stuff. If I pay the price with more icky farming later or doling out money, so be it. I don't really care any more.

Vindictus serves as my main game these days, but I'm not really hardcoring it up. I have sadly lost interest in leveling my Kai for now. Someday, he'll catch up. Someday. ;_;

I am released from school.

It feels weird. But awesome.

I would almost consider dancing around in September just to mock the kids going back. Alas, this town is not even worth my derpy humor and light hearted mockery.

During June and May my writing teetered dangerously low, but I am slowly picking it up here and there. I have some more characters in the works, the poor souls. They don't know what they're in for.

My plans are loosely these: learn to drive at some point and snag a license. Write more. Draw more. Figure out a fucking schedule and actually stick to it because structure seems to help me. Bake more. Because baking is wonderful. Bake things in secret, too. Tricky, but might be do-able. I'm spieling out nonsense now.

Time to call it quits.

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