Saturday, November 3, 2012

DUN DUN DAH, Server Transfer

Figured I'd throw my thoughts on blogger, derpaderp.

Let me say, I don't have a vendetta against G1 like some players seem to have. And I was here for the Dark Ages of 2.9a and b. I think I'll miss them. They've had some enjoyable characters over the years.

I might even lurk on their forums a bit, haha.

So then, T3Fun. I'm anxious for more information to become available, and want all kinds of questions answered that won't be until a few months from now. I've gone through a few account transfers in my day, so this isn't something totally new.

I'm VERY happy things will be transferring. If my family were to be wiped I don't know if I could bring myself to play the game all over again.

It'll be AHMAZING to play with everybody. I fully welcome the impending chaos from top clans sparring and the whining and pking that will result. Not so keen on the likely baron server it will be, and how bad space will be for farming/afk leveling, but I guess I gotta wait and see.

Moving on, I'm five tokens away from Punisher. Despite my doom and gloom attitude last entry, turns out I was wrong and I will get something out of this event, haha. I also mastered Frequency, Cadenza...experted Max, Kal, and my robo-caths. I'll probably card up Raven and Grace to master, and some other people to expert.

Promo scrolls are another horrifying thing all together though. I wish they were in the feso shop lulz.

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