Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ahoy, Captain, I see a post!


Hi. :D

Been awhile, sorry. Been so ungodly busy with catching up in biology. I hate biology. ._. Not only is it extremely...complex when you try to think about it, but its also retarded, and moronic at times.
Lemme give you a few points:

-Biology means the study of life, yet there's this big part of it with the whole creation vs evolution. Which has to do with TIME (which I think of as physics-territory) and then DEATH, what with the fossils and shit.

-Now whenever I see the word rod, whether it be in the context of a weapon, or rod-shaped pretzels.....I only think of rod-shaped bacteria. e____e So annoying.

Moving onto something else that isn't basically me raging at it:
Granado is going okay, now. Got my new monitor, which I've had for a week, and the router has stopped being a turd...but it might start up again. Who knows. BUT. (There's always a but, isn't there.) I have no AA passes, cept for a seven day...which I think I should save. I..dunno. x_x
I've been in Via Fail so long I don't even remember when I started going there. Grace is Vet level 3, Marceil's 7 and Zander's 4. Not too bad.

I hate being broke. I am in Granado and real life, thanks to that stupid steel dagger and monitor. >_> And while I love my purchases, its still annoying to be drained. Especially when you get all kinds of ideas on what to buy for this that and the next thing. UGH.

Humm...what else.

Oh, umm. There's this here contest:

._. And I don't know if I want to enter. I'd probably do the writing because I'm slightly less fail at that then art. Mmm, and I happen to know two good artists...but their both busy. orz Stupid brain doesn't help me cook up stories when shit's on the line! D8<

Now then... I'm blessed to know epic artists. xD Isei drew me another piece, here.

<3 Marceil~

And then mooferz, or D`Arwyn as he goes in sword FINALLY finished drawing my first character I ever invented, Almontri. :3

But the turd forgot his name. -facepalm- Anywho, I am absolutely thrilled with it (even though he forgot I said "cloak" not "scarf" xP) and now I want to hug Al. D: Yeeah... xD

I guess that be all!


  1. HAHA.. biology, my stupid enemy, my forced-on-to minor. Two week ago I walk by a flower, I came over, look at it and the 1st thing pop out of my head were "wonder if this is this a monocot or dicot flower" >___<

    OH well, good luck on everything :P.

  2. Yeah, I know exactly how that is. xD Its making me look at everything differently. @_@

    And thanks!