Saturday, March 6, 2010


Holy craaaaaaaaap.

I've gotten so much done @___@ Okay so.

Last weekend I helped pwn in the Circus raid, and we're doing it every day. 8D Last weekend I also finally acquired Claire's card. I now have four Trumps, too. :P El Roco, El Mago, La Templanza and La Puerza. I think the next Trumps I make will be the greatsword and rapier.

So, yesterday I went to see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. It epic. And wonderful. And funny. And amazingsauce. xD The music was great! GO SEE IT.

I'm still leveling Grace, Zander and Marceil to expert. Getting there. Going to AA during this exp boost is quite wonderful. Infact, I've been gone from AA for too long. o.o It's so peaceful to just sit there, not have to do anything, and watch them kill....

yes, I'm weird. If you haven't figured that out by now.

There's 12 veteran levels left between all three of them, so..awhile, but I'm getting there. Hopefully next weekend some of Caliburn will get together to Occulta and get our expert stances. I already have Sagittarius and Aquarius waiting! D|

I'm pretty confident that I'll have at least Marceil if not Zander and Grace all expert by my birthday next month. It's my unofficial goal. As in, I'm not really super ultra concerned about it, the idea just kinda floated into my head and I was like "okay that's my newest goal." xD

I also got myself a STR Cath, and named her Amaranth, after much thought. :D She's already gotten me TWO family levels! And she was only 60 from the merc, now she's 65. xD I suppose I owe something to Deirdre(BSI), too since I was leveling them both in Gigante for a few days.

I guess that's all for now. I wonder what craziness today will bring.

Over and out!

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