Monday, March 15, 2010

Stuff & Lots of It

Saturday the 13th marked me finally completing Nar's instance battles, which I'm ever so proud of since I didn't borrow anything.(well, fine, I am using Shride's Zomg Wtfhax Blunt of Awesomeness) The trick that worked for me was managing to buff faster then ever before and then putting Marceil on Escrima. That and I kept all three of them alive too, not just Sullivan. :P

Then the next day, me, Iseijin and Lovat (later Isei's friend Val) went to Oculta! 8D It was epic.
And I hate all the hype about it. really wasn't that bad, and its not like I'm exceptionally geared or something. I used like..10 soul crystals. xD It was great, and really kinda fun. We all got our journals by the time we killed the needed 10 Kobald Elders for Nar's quest, too. /o/

Equites= Fucking win. Must. Get. Centella. But. It. Levels. So. Slowly. GAH.

The few times I went to Bahamar AA, I've gotten a Chess Piece. So I think I will make a weapon, someday. Leaning towards the Blade of the Queen for three reasons: I like how it looks, and I got it free from completing the quest, and Balbanies recommends it.

And I have an EMS for Sullivan (*FINALLY!*) and a Le Noir for Zander. I never really intended to get him one, but after seeing the DEF bonus they give, I decided it would be good for him. :3 But QQ ohmygod I need a LN for Marceil and Kharis/Sarajevo/Later on Vincent & Helena. Marceil can't survive worth a shit in Errac but my invincible Zander and Sullivan can. >>

Nar is annoying. I can't figure out a name for him. FFFFFFFFF.

Marceil is Vet10 (OHMYGAWD YES ONE MORE LEVEL TO GO) and Zander is now Vet7. @___@ and now I have officially ran out of steam for the campaign that is experting. Also, I've dropped out Grace because I don't think I want to use my only Aquarius on her and I'm leveling Equites. so yeah. The grind stuff I gotta do after I expert those two is:

Work on Mastering them
Leveling random people
Get Selva, Ania and Helena
Expert Tech, Mika and Kharis

Recently this weekend I did Team Arena for the first time and let me tell you: I fucking love it. <3 Too bad we couldn't kill Dios. Ah well. Maybe next time. I'm just pissed its late at night. Its even late for effing Californians! WTF, G1. This weekend also was my dad's birthday, so grats to him~ Following the joke Martinellus started last year: "He only has 27 more levels to go and then you can promote him to vet!" xD

Sooooooooooooooooo yeah.

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