Sunday, April 4, 2010

Well Holy Shitsinga!

I has Ania and Helenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 8D

I decided to work on their quests yesterday evening and actually succeeded after borrowing some leet gear and turning up the perseverance nob. ;D

HOLY CRAP AT THE PLOT. Its just....ffffff, no I would not have seen any of this shit coming. o___o

Hel looks so cool~ And her voice over isn't too bad but I don't think any VOs will be on par with what sGE did. xD However, she says Elemental Strife when casting Fireball....and she doesn't even have Lord of the Elements. So, wtf?
I named Ania Atlacoya, an Aztec goddess of drought~ It was one of the few cool sounding, easy to spell/remember names I found. xD

Oh and Happy Easter if anyone out there celebrates eet! /o/

Birthday is tomorrowww. I hope I get a Target Card so I can stop being fail and get shit done in game. lulz.

I have determined to draw Simon, Asoka and Valeria like I did Vincent, too. But I always forget. That is not good. :c

All the drama-llamaing over on the G1 forums has me a tad pissed off. I don't care if it was in jest, Google is king when it comes to April Fool's Internet Antics. < yes I just made that up. Next time I vow not to give a shit about any of them tards if something real or whatever like this comes up. Annd...what else...

Well, I got an EDC now for Tech, but I've yet to even touch it. Need UAs. QQ And Lusse had her birthday back on the 29th. We made her an EDC! \:D/ Despite the complaining/moaning/griping I've heard from friends(that are coughhighlevelcoughcough) about this patch...Well that's the way shit goes. :| And I'm glad that my philosophy of waiting/being cheap has paid off. xD Thank you, Circusssss. In other news, the grind will become slightly less terrible as I have more Vet Exp Cards from completing them quests, so I'll feed some to Zander and Marceil later. I just wish I were grinding to Master and/or beyond and had Titan's Remorse AA. qq THAT PLACE LOOKS SO AWESOME...FFF. Like, I'd totally hit master and grind through that hell just to be able to level there. Lololol.

Anywaaaayyy. I believe that is all. :>

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