Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Second Expert, Delicious Exp Boost and Plans

yay for long titles.


The others congratulating Marceil as she becomes the family's second expert~


But I still need a le noir for her QQ was exciting in that I read some real wtf-ness posts in the RP, and the fact that we has new costumeees yessss. Need female ele costume ASAP. I have to go buy gold. LE QQ SIGH. Might get the cat pet since it's a FUCKING CAT<3>:D

And I'm gonna try to make the most out of this exp boost of gloriousness and win. Zander is 108 now, and I'm in SA as I write. Hopefully I can max Equites and dump Sullivan so I can finally focus on others. My plan is to get three experts by the time this boost ends, or at least get close. Gonna take Kharis and Tech to AA when this pass is out. I just hope it isn't TOO crowded. Only one level to go for Let's hope I don't disconnect/get killed from people turning off my comp. xD~

I guess that's all. o.o

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