Wednesday, June 9, 2010


So its been awhile figured I should update blah blah balh.

My Aries hunting finally paid off, got one on Sunday. So now I'm leveling Darkness, speaking of which...*tabs to recast Divine Blessing*


Started the Holy Water quest but seeing as how my friend even had trouble with his Masters and shit with the instance, I'm gonna wait...until like...forever... xD

And holyfuck I got a DHR last Friday, helping another friend get the Swamp Angler kill for the Bahamar questline.


I'm too poor to craft it. LUL. Too poor to even craft one of the jewels it needs. And even then, I don't have enough snail shells or OCP for yeh. It'll be awhile before I create it.

School is going well. I'm pretty ontop of things...sort of lawl. At any rate, I know I can achieve the goal I set for myself so I'm fine with that. :3

Erm...what else....Henry Hatsworth OST is win, ohmygod Hans Zimmer does scores for too many things, and I've been blasted by nostalgia as of the last two days.

I leave you with screeenz.




/flies off

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