Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adventures In Noobland: Log 1


It's been a wild ride up the ladder, and an equally wild ride down Nostalgia Lane.
My thoughts so far, are these:


No really. Pio gear takes such a load off things it ain't funny. I also like the brief storytelling they have when you first log in. Nice touch, nicely put together. All the free CS items and mechanics they introduce you to as well, is nifty. I do have a gripe with the wings activating. Like, it's fucking wasteful since you can't pause shit.

2: Vis is still kind of annoying to make

Especially when shinies tank. Good thing I just threw 10m over to my alt.

3: I can't tell if there are more new players

or if they're alts too, or what. But...don't care entirely.

Andre reminded me of his fantazzzzic purple text and dialog, and Nunez with his bad cooking. How does he get away with that shit? I mean there's Panfilo and Lisa....they need to have an intervention. I feel crazy for forgetting about that. Currently, I'm settling into Auch. That means running around doing errands for Gertmeister, silly Lorch(stupid. kids.), Simon, Eleanore, 'n stuff. Questwise, Eleanore wants me to get rid of more Lightning Gavi di Gavis(OH GEE DIDNT I JUST FUCKIN DO THAT FOR THE TROUBLED MERCHLADY?), Torsche wants Cathyparts, and Ulrich wants me to hunt a buncha shit all over the place for stupid Ararat.

I still hate Viki's quest.

I've had fun breezing through things, since Ferra so kindly vesped me(yes I mentioned this but, I can mention it again if I want). Still, it's a hard hit to go from Master and all that entails, to below vet. WHERE IS MY DAMAGE UGH.

On an entirely different note, I've had fun trying to figure out how this family would tie in with the house of Almontri. Of course, I'm never actually writing this stuff down, but its just something for my mind to chew on and humor with. or, TLDR: Lusse is lucky I managed to write that Viron stuff. :I

All that said, this log is done. Dunno when the next will beeee.


  1. Aww, thanks for mentioning me again. Too bad I couldn't SG you, I'm sure I could have gotten you to Vet that night!

    When I SG my alts (non-vesping, since I didn't vesp before!), I usually get them to Lv84 in Joaquin Schivarliere (while working on their pre-vet stances), throw on 84e armors, and then I do all the Pioneer quests up to the Skull Dungeon ones. Then I go Skull Dung with the alt to do those obnoxious kill 100 and 150 Skull Warrior quests for the Bone Sarira. That way, I get those two quests done and I also get to SG them from Lv84 to Lv100!

    Next, I take my Lv100s to do the Bahamar quests (to challenge myself I do them without promoting to Vet) so I can get access to Circus. hahaha...

    One time I really challenged myself and I did all the character quests in three days. (Exhausting!) I made sure to do it so that some of the character quests that required me to be in the same area were activated. (Deserted Quay has three I think. I hate that area because it's so slow moving!) The one that got me the most was Viki because it took me 21 consecutive kills on that Violent Gecho, back to back, channel to channel every 20 minutes to get that drop. >.<

    As for Vet to Expert to Master... I just AFK in CAA. :p

    1. Haha I think I'll just get them to vet. xD Yes, I've managed to overlap some quests in the same area, definitely a time saver. :D

      And ugh, Viki's quest. I forgot how tedious it was. >_< Thanks for the advice, though! <3