Tuesday, February 19, 2013

this is a title

I am tremendously lazy. Made quite a bit of progress on the patch, I think I only have Cruz the asshole and Ion the annoying left to recruit.

Still haven't made Ludin, Daria or Vincent cause I don't know what to name 'em.

Managed to avoid the bugged points and quickly got my Racel, so that's fun.(Although I am disappoint he doesn't appear like his original concept art...)

My bonus MBP ran out as I got sick so I couldn't scrounge the last bit to get him to vet. q_q Still getting over that...worked on the Cath expert stance more today. And I'm miffed cause I missed a few days for Vero's diary thing.

Probably the most annoying thing about being sick, aside from the cough, is that my ears are clogged and distort sound..most songs have a weird, echoy chime to them. =_=

Guess that's all for nowww.

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