Sunday, March 3, 2013

pickles and pineapples

hey looooook after.....five...years or something this happened. lul.

I'm tremendously sporadic with them ramblings, but oh well. I'm pretty much over my sickness but my ears still feel clogged...we recently had a taste of the low pressure blizzard that was dumping on Kansas, and its a funny thing to see so much snow piled up in March.

Oh god, March. Four birthdays this month, compared to the barren Jan and Feb for me. And then it'll happen again in July. Even funnier is the pattern. The 5th, then the 11th, then the 21st, then the 29th, then my birthday on April 5th, and then another birthday on April 10th.

But let's not think about July. At all.

GE wise I'm just puttering along. I only have Ion and Tora left to recruit, and then Trickinesis/Frost/Furious/Abyss stances...still stuck in Castilla Relics.

Everything's pretty boring, and I've been farming runes. Partly to help my friend make ~THE INSIGHT OF ANTARES~, partly to make my own const, partly for dignites since i have to recoup losses from the horrible horrible fleuet glacier quest.

It's probably somehow a good thing the Bristia patch is coming soon, I guess I'll have something to do.

Um. there you go, some useless spiel.

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