Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've Been Lazy

Kay so.

I've done it again.


So let's see if we can compact things nicely....

Ancient Area is wonderful. I brought Freq, Kharis and Zander there the other day and gained 6% total, 2% gained each. Today I bought the Belly Dancer costume from the feso shop. I had enough, the fesos were just sitting there, and the costumes are still broken, so I figured what the hell and got it. She's of course, vary pretty in it~ <3
Which brings me to another point. For the anniversary of Sword, K2 gave out three different types of wings, of which Marceil and Freq are sporting. They were:
3 Pairs of Permenant Black Angel Wings - Which look nice on Mika, Sullivan and Zander. :3
3 Pairs of 15 Day Devil Wings - Cool, I can always use extra stats.
3 Pairs of 15 Day Black Angel Wings - Which give 8% Freq's usin them, and she's down to 21 speed. Not bad, considering that's the only speed buff she had. I probably should remove that point from AGI, but like....I'm lazy. And it costs gold. SPEAKING OF THAT.
I decided to make a Veteran's Ancestral Lightning Bracelet. Freaking Long Name. I ended up +5ing it cause I can't get a Ziz. QQ I ended up using my 36~76 chips trying to get a 100 one, finally used two 88s, three 92s and then three 96s to get one. >_>;;
So I was in Katovic earlier...I've gotta say I love using Lightning and Raid Assault there. ;3

I finally gave in. I can't keep hating on Claire. :/ And actually I've found I should just hate on Claude more then her, since HE's the one sending her around to do all this stupid crap, and she asks for help. AND ANOTHER THING. Claude AND Jose don't recognize me. Even though I DID BOTH OF THEIR QUESTS AGES AGO AND HELPED THEIR SORRY ASSES. O:< Stupid Devs and their inconsistencies with the storyline... I went around with Claire to collect debts from Vincent, Emilia and the Rebo Investigation Guy. Vincent really isn't helping his image by saying this to me...

Ahem. So yeah. I've gotten to the Unknown Ore part now...I sort of regret not afking last night trying to get it. .-. Blah, maybe it's good it has such a bad drop rate and that I'm lazy; it'll keep me from straying from my goal. Which is to Veteran all of my alts (or get to 100, in some cases).
I won't make any new characters till I do. Oh boy. How long will that resolve last, eh?

The G1 forums now have their Sword's....bleh. I hope it gets skinned to awesomeness soon like the WarRock forums. :< But they say it's in meh.

In other news, I've gotten Dar and Shride to join Caliburn. Muahahahaha. But Dar is usually afk (NO SURPRISE THERE, RITE GUISE?) and Shride is usually offline. D:

Annnnnnother thing. I went cabbage/apple farming with Rak the other night, and moar proof to my theory of the male Wizard and Caly being siblings: THEY WORK SO BLEEPING AWESOME TOGETHER. O_O Seriously it's like pewpewfwooshfwoosh AOE AOE AOE AOE AOE YOUR DEAD!

AND THE ZOO. I HAVEN'T FORGOT ABOUT THAT. It was great. :D The Wings From Down Under thing was pretty neat, there was this biiiiiiiiig cage that you walked into where the birds were. There were probably....two thousand of them or more. I'm not kidding they were everywhere. o_o

Admission to this was extra...which is LAME. But they gave us these popsicle sticks with seeds glued to em.
That's my hand. :P

This should probably be first, but uh whatever. 8D
I'm actually hiding behind that pillar next to the green recycling thing. (Brother is the dude in blue) Mom takes too many pictures. And it just so happens I can still be ninjar to you folks too. Talk about awesome.

Abit before we had lunch, we saw this guy. My brother's pretty good with pictures. Unlike Mom.

On our way to lunch, we saw this big guy. I think it was male, anyway.
Poor thing must've been so hot. D: I sure was.

Then we have ze lions. TYPICAL LAZY CATS. Seriously they look just like Oreo does. >_>

Another typical lazy cat. But Snow Leopards still pwn. <3 It was funny, there was this enclosed sitting area to see him, and we were sitting there all pooped out. And people kept coming in and walking past it, or turning around and finally seeing it and went all "ZOMGWTFBBQ THERE'S A SNOW LEOPARD IN THE CORNER AND IT STARTLED ME CAUSE I'M A NOOB LOL"

Now I should complain about the weather. iGoogle's always telling me it's going to rain lately but it doesn't. D: It'll be windy and sprikle....THEN IT WILL CLEAR UP. WTF MAN. :| The upper half of the state is in Severe Drought, according to the National Weather Service. QQ My mom was telling me we should go camping up there again but we probably won't cause the stupid sky is deciding not to rain.

Anywho, that be all!

Monday, July 13, 2009

I have a new Favorite Sandwich

So, quite a bit's happened since last Tuesday!

I'm making decent progress leveling Marceil and Sullivan in Topolo Durga. Yesterday I maxed Plow Guard, and today Marceil's Escrima reached 23. I switched to level Roof Guard now, it's 11.
Also last week I got a striking deal. Cresmein was cleaning out her storage, and I bought her +5 2DR Albeas for....*drumroll* 60m! :D Zander's finally getting some good gear. Funny how my magicians are the ones with the good armor.... =__=;

Whilst I've been leveling those two, the rest of my quarters plot my demise.
If I were a witty artist, I would've made some little comic to put up, but alas I am not. So I stick to what I know best: words!

"Gosh, I feel lucky that I got leveled Friday night when I did." Idge remarked from her comfy spot on the couch.
"Your welcome." Bernelli said with a roll of her eyes.
"Man...she WAS leveling us in the Prison....but we're just sitting here yet again." A particularly angry Musketeer named Technologic said in disgust.
Romina agreed. "I miss fighting those creatures."
Mika then proceeded to chide Idge "You haven't even gotten to 70 yet! You can't even join me in adventures!"
Idge replied with: "Hey, it's not MY fault! Al doesn't level me!"
Then Vincent and Kajitora appeared out of no where.
"YIKES! Where the hell did you guys come from?" Mika exclaimed, hiding behind Tech.
"Umm, Miss Idge, at least she's gotten you to 69. I'm still stuck at 50 and Kaji here is freaking 25! The LOWEST out of EVERYONE." Vincent said.
Then a Camisa-clad Fighter stepped up. "Why did I even join this family...?"
"Belletrix got rid of you for vis, remember?" Kharis explained. Max hung his head.
The Targan, and the confused little boy then put in. "Aye, we're stuck in the 40s too, you lute player." Sharif said.
"Yeah....she never brings me out. SHE HATES ME!" Vikster said and burst into tears. Caly tried comforting him.
"She doesn't bring me out either." Lorch stated.
"Same here." Freq said with a sigh. "And here I thought she wanted to Expert me during April...."
Deirdre and Ed put in their two cents as well.
The Wizard then tried to quel the brewing storm.
"Guys, come on, relax. You should be happy she's not on another break like back in May."
"Yeah yeah, keep playing Al's advocate Zander." Tech quipped.
"At least she's trying to help Marceil and Sullivan get somewhere!" Zander pleaded.
"You sure were won over with that Albeas, Zander." Kharis remarked.
"This has nothing to do with that silly green coat. You all are acting ridiculous." The Wizard shot back.
"I say....we show her who's boss around here." Tech said with a menacing grin.


Now I'll finally explain the title. Saturday night I tried an Arby's BBQ Bacon Cheddar Roast Burger(why the hell do they call it a burger...when it's not.) IT WAS FREAKING DELICIOUS.
It had yummy classic barbecue sauce, crispy onion rings, fresh lettuce and tomatos, perfectly cooked bacon...melted cheese....oh man I love that sandwich. So yeah, Arby's, you better thank me with a free sandwich for just promoting you. D:<

Sword updated to 2.9b on Monday. AND THEN ON THURSDAY PANGYA UPDATED TO SEASON 4! O____________________O
NEVER, have I ever had the two games update in the same week! Talk about awesome! \o/
I've gotten Mopsy, who's uber adorable and wonderful and awesome <3


And then here's Lucia! Need moar equips for her to come out plox.

Also I may be going to the Milwaukee Zoo on Wednesday. :O

Until next time, I'm Al, the Arby's lover and character neglecter. (^D^)b

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pollux Sword, Independence Day and 4.0

So, things are going nicely.

On July 4th we had my dad's friend John over. He made this kickass noodle salad. <3333
Next time he's over I've gotta ask for the recipe. We also had watermelon, chicken and beef shishkabobs, and some apple pie. :) We didn't go to any firework shows, though. I could care less, considering the ones Port has always suck.

Then on Sunday I decided to use twenty powders and farmed LoD all day long~ I made a Pollux Sword. Originally I planned to use it with my Idges, whenever they hit vet, but I couldn't resist using it with my fighter, heh. Plow Guard's 20 already. :3 Now I just need to figure out if I wanna get Sidewinder on her.

I've been soloing her in Topolo as of late, getting more Mega Ores and usually at least one piece of 80 equipment. This morning I reached 10%! I'm so happy! \o/
This is just after she leveled. I got 100~200 more HP and a pitiful but lol-worthy 5 more SP.
I'm wondering if I'll be able to hit 700 SP on my melee people when I expert them. I don't need to worry about Zander or Kharis, I mean, hell, Zander's already got 832 SP. xD

In other news, awhile ago I got Kharis from Begari, and now I've snagged Flurb's Caly.
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. <33 (the characters not those two. they fail. ;D) Awhile ago I was leveling Domination Lightning in Katovic. e_e I wish I could get my hands on some good Zizes.
...Zizs? I have no idea how you would pluralize that. But here's some screens from that adventure.

Later Chivalhope, my new friend came along to help out. And apparently Gavin and Marceil have a thing for each other. 8D

Neume seems to be more hopeful about the 14th being the day for the rest of 2.9. I hope he's right, and I hope they fix Caly's quest. It technically doesn't matter since I have a veteran now, but...I love quests. :<
And Hardeh posted on the Sword forums about the kGE test server for.......4.0. So far it just seems like their making the UI better with changes to the zone map, adding a nifty mail box, a new Al Quelt Moreza raid, instanced raids(?) and made a better turtorial for newbies. Cool, I say! :D It just blows my mind that the Koreans are already working on 4.0....why couldn't I have been born in Korea or Japan? ._. Check out the SotNW Forums - General Chat for Hardeh's topic and for more info on 4.0. I'm not going to list everything. >_>

Onto another update related thing, Pangya should be promoting into the newest season, Season 4. I'm thinking it may be tomorrow or Thursday, but only time will tell. I definately think it'll be out this month, though. I can't wait, I got a popstar ticket for a free Lucia. :D

I've also found some new videos....sorta. Their new-ish to me. First ones Last Alliance's Shissou, which was the ending song for Ouran. I <3 the full version.

And then this is just epic awesome MS Paint shit. :> OH AND, JUNO REACTOR PWNS YOUR FACE! <3 Must get that song...

Excitedly reporting all the awesome shizz that's goin' on, Al~!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Hellos~ So heres the first update of July.

My watch has finally run out of juice. xD So I'm (hopefully) gonna go to WalMart later and look for a new wall clock. Maybe I'll even post of picture of it, if I find one I like. <_<;

AFKing has been successful. One of these days I'll have Install Traps maxed on Marceil, haha.
DomIce is 19 on Kharis, it'll probably be awhile before that's maxed though, since I'm working on leveling Mika and Idge. I think once those two get to 74, I'll level them with Tech to Veteran.
I may be getting a new Musketeer, too. One of my clanmates is leveling her for me. xD
I'm not sure what I wanna name her....I was thinking Renee, I've always liked the name. But I also am considering Teiron again. I finally got my hands on an Adelina card, so I'll start leveling her one of these days. Adel sure is a cool character. :D Plus it'll be handy to have the bladesmith.
I think I'll level Middle Guard on her first, since A. I hate the stance. B. It's needed for Low Guard.
If my memory serves me, her stances are:
Bareknuckle (lol)
Middle Guard
Twin Blades
Heaven or Hell
Freestyle Shot
Double Gun Shot
and Low Guard.

I kinda wish I could get a Captain version, cause....Nien's made a big impression on me. xD
I only wish she would lose the hat and eyepatch and retain her crafting skill. ;P

Onto Vocaloids, I'm still digging for their songs. *laughs*
I found a wonderful Miku song called Cremation Melody, or Kasou Kyoku.

And ya know, this reminds me. I hate how people rant about Miku's voice being high pitched.
Cause honestly, she's yet to bother my ears. Rin and Teto, on the other hand, have had some terribly high pitches. <__<

I've also started something I'd never have guessed I would end up doing: partaking in a forum RP. Role play, for those noobs who don't get it. It's quite entertaining. Irving's also in it. :)

I watched an old 90's show last night. Sliders. It is LOL. Kinda like Quantum Leap.
It's about this genius kid who opens a portal which can take you to one of many alternate earths. His professor, Maximilian Arturo. A random singer named Rembrandt Brown and his friend from work, Wade get sucked along. The effects they used for the 'slide' is so terrible compaired to nowadays. xD
They ended up in Communist America. There was PT&T, for one. They were getting chased by the evil phone company, lawlz. And it turned out that in this earth Wade was leading rebels against the commies. So they ended up helping the rebels and freeing that places Wade. Who later died. Lol. I may watch more of it, I'm rather undecided.

Anywho, that be all for now!