Sunday, February 19, 2012

Christmas in February, Progress, And Disgruntled Writers

Lately. I am only writing in here.

THAT IS NOT GOOD BUT WHATEVER. My fuck-everything attitude continues.

Time for a late night post. Or early morning. Or goddamn siesta time in the afternoon.

That was from the other day. I was powerleveling Ira and Auchy. He punched a Jabberwock in the nuts and I laughed.

AND THEN YESTERDAY. Thanks to the help of Nino, I now has THIS

Why no, the dragon isn't spewing feathers.

Zander being all proud, Lisa being like congrats, Ed staring at it all expressionless as usual.

So, using up my 3-day medium explorer pack(the green thing) I mostly leveled Lisa in Bahamar AA. I like that place, I dun give a shit what other people say about it being pooey. :< Then I later got the so-called ingenius idea to try powerleveling Ange there, with Raven as backupguard.


Needless to say, said idea was very fail. As was trying to level Lyssa there because she fails. Moving on, I've started to circus with Ferragamo and Bellza, two awesome people I met while cardfarming, months ago.
Tis fun stuff. Ohmahgawd Hapkido I fell in love with all over again. I mean, it let me do THIS

TAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG ALLLLLLLL THE LOOT. But we share it. Because we're cool like that. Why yes Zink is flailing adorably as buffing kitties are wont to do.

Lisa runnin' through Bahamar bein' cool. :D

So today, I was busy ingame and out and ACTUALLY GOT SHIT DONE INGAME AND OUT. How about that. I finished the Occulta Constellation Notes quest. I haven't been to occulta since getting my it was amazing to be there with fully maxed stances and masters and ET, rofl. The kobolds are kind of cute.

There, I rediscovered my love for Kharis. She knows how to fuck your shit up and be elegant while doing so. Gaaaaah. Now she's making me miss Stratus and Sekhmet so much. ;___; I decided to try her at circus...

And I tagged again :DD Now you might think tagging is not a big deal, but it is for me. I used to be such a nub and hardly raid so tagging, is important for now.

After circus, I went to turn in the music to Vince....and he said this and I was amused.
In celebration of me finally finishing his quest, he let me +6 a black dragon and vampiric edge. I now had two +6 BDs, and decided to go break them for crystals, and then make a Serpent Revolver. Sierra better be putting all the vis I'm giving her lately to good use.

:DD Tech celebrating HIS new weapon. It might as well be Christmas in February for my family, haha. Also, I was really bored tonight and looking at male wiz costumes in the dress room. I never noticed the green details on his swim trunks...and the fact he has a good ass. So, I totally believe Kimi when she said Leo had a good ass. BENEATH THEIR FANCY COATS ARE AWESOME BUTTS! apparently. Rofl. :D

On some non-ge notes. I fail hardcore since I got a planner and planned to do writing stuff this week. and. I did none of it. I DID ART THINGS MORE THAN WRITING. This, in addition to my i-dont-give-a-fuck-about-school-anymore attitude.....uhm. I hope I'm going to have an epiphany soon, or something. The fact I'm slowly starting to act like this is...not good. :|

So there, that's my earlymorn/latenight rant/update/emothing.


  1. Lol I was amused about that Rio too back in the day as well. ololo. He's an adorbs character '3'/WHAT EVEN